The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home – Make it Count

When it comes to selling your house, one thing that every potential homebuyer will have in common, is that they will spend a large proportion of their tour in the kitchen.

Simply because this is often considered one of the main rooms of the home. It can be utilised for hosting, food preparation and even entertainment.

It is often high on the list of importance when it comes to factors affecting our decision to buy a home.

So when selling your home, it is key that you make the best use of this space as possible; in order to provide your potential buyers with a feeling of ‘wow’ rather than ‘oh’.

A high specification kitchen can add a huge amount of value to a home. Certainly a lot more than it would cost you to implement.

I wanted to discuss some things you could consider implementing prior to selling your home; in order to get the maximum return on your properties sale.


Maximise your space

As odd as they may sound, space sells.

When it comes to your kitchen remember that.

This includes the amount of space on your worktops, the volume of food preparation space available as well as room to manoeuvre about.

Over time we often fill our home with items we love or sentimental pieces of furniture.

Do consider that just because we love it, doesn’t mean everyone else will too.

So look at your space with fresh eyes! This is an incredibly important piece of advice.

What is in the space currently? Does it need to be there? How would someone else view it?

These considerations may include books you display on your worktop, but may be better suited to a kitchen cupboard.

Pictures on your cupboards which to someone else may be a distraction from the key features of the room.

Do consider to try to view this space as a neutral, or even ask a friend to do so with you.

You want to create the illusion of space and cleanliness. Rather than clutter an inconvenience.


Upgrade your kitchen

Many people reading this may straight away think high costs, but this does not need to be the case.

It can include a number of elements but we recommend you seeking advice from an expert by searching for kitchen installation near to me.

This can include simple things like replacing any old chopping boards with new ones. If your dish rack has seen better days; would a new one create a better impression?

Are the utilities matching colours?

Would a simple piece of artwork help to lighten the room.

This also includes simple things like ensuring all of the light bulbs are working correctly to create as much light into the room as possible.

These very small and modest touches really can make a huge difference to the first impressions of your kitchen.

If your kitchen is particularly dated, you may wish to consider spending money to upgrade, prior to any home viewings.

Yes this will include some initial outlay from yourself, however it can be very worthwhile in ensuring that your kitchen is not something which has the ability to put off a potential homebuyer.

This can include things like replacing the cupboard doors, rather than the whole units. Or upgrading the worktops.

Try to eliminate any factors that would sway someone away from buying your property, whilst focusing on adding value.

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Is Life at the Beach the Best Option for You?

Waking up to the sound of melodic waves and the call of the seagull is very special. To sip coffee in the morning on your porch that overlooks the ocean is a way of life that many people dream of often. Buying or renting at the coast can be a beautiful thing to do. There are a few things to consider, good and bad, as you determine whether this is the place for you to live.

The Good


  • Weather

Even on the hottest of days, an ocean breeze can cool you down. Even the storms are majestic as they build over the ocean and roll into the shore to cool down the temperatures.


  • Value

If you maintain the integrity of your property and Mother Nature stays on your side, your property will increase. There will always be consumers who insist on living at the beach. A short stint living at a beach cottage in my 20’s has caused me to decide that I will retire by the shore.


  • The Lifestyle

At a moment’s notice you can run on the beach, go for a quick swim, have friends over for a BBQ dinner, and read to the sound of the waves. If you have kids, the beach can open the world of sailing, kayaking, and surf boarding to them. Avid fishermen might like dropping a line from their own pier.


In the area where I lived, I could walk to shops, cafes, and local restaurants. The options for entertainment were endless.


  • Vacation all the Time

A continuation of the beach lifestyle is the concept of being on a vacation all the time. Your relatives will visit, old friends will drop by, and the guests will flow in and out of the door. I enjoyed this type of life; just make sure it suits whom you are.


The Bad

  • The weather

The flip side of weather is the fact that your home may be in a hurricane prone area. You would have to evacuate if a storm approached and your damages could be high. Do a weather analysis of the property before you decide to buy or rent. Even then know that a storm could come in the future, even if it has not hit in the past.

Pay particular attention to the external impact on your property. Having to search for local roof repair near me may not be too uncommon.

I would always look for a recommended contractor if that is to be case.


  • Insurance costs

Insurance, such as wind and flood, will be expensive. In some cases, you may not be able to even obtain it. Evaluate the insurance options carefully.  Under this same area, you may want to look at the danger involved at having small children living at the beach.


  • Tourists

There will be tourists in your beach area. You may have heavier traffic and slower lines at restaurants and grocery stores. People will probably vacation where you live.


  • Cost

When you factor in the cost of insurance and the mortgage or rent, the odds are that your total could be high. Other costs might include boat expenses, fishing equipment, or elevated parking costs. You need to carefully evaluate the budget to make sure you can actually afford to live at the shore.

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